India's Most Epic Group Trips
India's Most Epic Group Trips
India's Most Epic Group Trips
India's Most Epic Group Trips
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Upcoming Trips

Upcoming Trips

03.11 - 09.11
7 left
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Lost Kerala
24.11 -30.11
6 Left
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01.12 -04.12
4 left
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Andaman Island
04.12 - 09.12
5 left
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Hornbill Festival
08.12 - 11.12
7 left
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“The lost Goa trip was way more amazing than I even imagined! Kayaking, exploring the waterfalls, visiting the hidden quarries, the food and most importantly making some really amazing friends!”


“This trip showed me a Goa i didn’t even know existed..absolutely beautiful ❤️ Also a mix of adventure added to the fun. Had an amazing 4 days in Goa”


“After following Chris’ youtube & instagram journey, it was almost like a dream come true to travel with him for he’s the kinda guy who’s funny, goofy & crazy & to travel with someone like that is always the best kind of fun! A unique experience which I will cherish for the rest of my life”


“Really like how Chris handled the trip, and made a lot of new friends. He took us to unseen places in goa, and really liked it.
Recommended 10/10!!”


“Traveling with CHRISS was an awe-inspiring adventure, rich in local experiences and hidden gems. CHRIS’s skill in creating ultimate travel experiences is highly recommended. He unveils the true essence of each destination for a truly unforgettable and cherishable journey.”


“Under Chris’s expert guidance, we explored Meghalaya’s deep-rooted music heritage and elusive sacred caves. His meticulous planning transformed this journey into a unique and unforgettable adventure, ensuring we experienced the region’s hidden treasures.”


“You did a fabulous job, Good organised and well done. The trip was wonderful – lots of great memories ,I enjoyed it a lot .Thank you again for all your work planning the trip.”

Eva Nonglait

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