Andaman Island

04 -09 December

5 spots left

Embarking on a group trip to the Andaman Islands is an absolute must for everyone seeking unforgettable experiences. Here, you’ll bond with friends and fellow travelers over surreal sunsets on secluded beaches, explore vibrant coral reefs in unison, and create lasting memories of a tropical paradise that promises something extraordinary for every adventurer. From thrilling water sports to serene nature encounters, this destination has it all, making it the perfect backdrop for shared adventures and lifelong friendships.


Day 1

Arrive in Paradise

Enjoy the mesmerizing Views during the Boat Transfer to Havelock & Check In to Paradise. Dinner by the Beach & Drinks to get to know each other.

Day 2

Time for Watersports!

After Breakfast we are embarking on our first Adventure; a peaceful Nature Walk through the Mangroves to Elephant Beach which is the Hub of Watersports. Banana Boat, Jet Ski or Flyfish, pick one Activity of your Choice & spend the rest of the Day by the stunning white sand beach.

Day 3

Beach Day Baby!

Start your Day with Sunrise Kayaking or Scuba Dive into the underwater Paradise (optional)
Today is all about Beaches, we will be exploring the Island’s Best Beaches & taking a break to enjoy Island Life

Day 4

Overnight at Neil Island

After breakfast we’ll head to Neil Island for the Day to go Snorkeling & xplore 3 famous spots. We finish this beautiful Day with a Sunset at the best Spot in the Andamans.

Day 5

Good bye Neil, Hello Port Blair

After the Ferry Ride we will be exploring Wondoor marine national park

Day 6

Enjoy your Last Day

Sunrise at Corbyns Cove
Last breakfast before its time to say goodbye to the Island Life & we’ll see you on another Trip with TravelBetz


Not included


₹ 29k / $350 per person

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