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Meghalaya, located in northeastern India, offers unique group trip activities like exploring the living root bridges in Cherrapunji and Dawki’s crystal-clear Umngot River through boating, providing unforgettable experiences. The state’s rich tribal culture adds to the charm of the visit, with opportunities to engage with local tribes, experience their customs, and enjoy traditional tribal performances. Additionally, savoring the delectable local food, including traditional Khasi and Garo dishes, adds a delightful culinary dimension to the group trip in Meghalaya.


Day 1

Welcome to Meghalaya!

  • Land in Guhawati
  • Drive to Shillong
  • Evening in the Shillong markets and cafe

Day 2

Action packed Day!

  • Drive to Mawsynram
  • River Canyoning
  • Split Rock Caves and Kayaking
  • Drive back to Shillong

Day 3

Waterfall Chasing

  • Drive to Sohra
  • Hike to one of the unexplored waterfalls in Sohra
  • Visit Arwah Caves
  • Swim in Natural Pools

Day 4

The Living Root Bridges

  • Drive to Laitkynsew
  • Visit the hidden Ummunoi Living Root Bridges
  • Sunset Point with local musicians
  • Jamming in the evening around a bonfire

Day 5

A Scary Hike!

  • Drive to Wahkhen
  • Mawrynkhang Bamboo Trail Hike
  • Pynter Village exploration and Traditional Khasi Music

Day 6

Slow down and take it all in!

  • Visit Umngot River
  • Hike to Phe Phe Falls
  • Enjoy your last evening in Shillong


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